Why Choose Us

Straight from the origin

The first and the foremost advantage of THE STONE MILL is that we don’t require to buy any raw material from mines because we do our own mining for Kandla Grey & Mint stone since 1986. Our mines (Shri Laxmi Stones) is situated at a distance of 48 kms which covers a massive area of over 100 acres of land. With the use of the latest technologies including excavators, dumpers, block cutters, and breakers, we have been able to provide our customers with the best quality sandstone since the very beginning hence reducing the costs to a level at which no other export company can provide.

  • Production Capacity/Day: 500 metric tonnes
  • Excavators (Komatsu): 3
  • Dumpers(Ashok leyland): 28
  • Wire saw cutter- 3
  • Gang saw machine- 1
  • Block diamond cutters – 3
  • Breakers – 1
The Team

The Stone Mill employees a total number of 165 people which includes 58 dedicated craftsman who take care of every minute detail of our product. We have a marketing team consisting of highly professional MBAs working under the light of Our Managing directors who have experiences of more than 30 years in sandstone mining and exports. The quarrying of sandstone is done under high level supervision with complete safety gears for laborers and other staff members. At The Stone Mill, the work only stops when its rainy season otherwise, the work is done 24 hours a day through the year.


“The Stone Mill” is a registered trade mark of Agrasen Stone Company (Registered in 1986) who is itself a bench mark in sandstone industry in India. By default, Each crate from our warehouses have our branding done as The Stone Mill, but if in case of customized orders, we can provide our buyers their own brand stickers/logo symbols on our crates.


As mentioned earlier, The stone mill offers the range of sandstones straight from the source so we can guarantee that our pricing of Kandla Grey and Mint stone can’t be beaten by any other company in India. Our Team is constantly working to provide our customers the best prices possible at any point of time throughout the year.

Order Processing and Delivery

As soon as the orders are placed, our dispatch team makes sure that the committed delivery time at the time of purchase order matches with the actual delivery time. Our Real time order tracking mechanism works in such a way so that a hassle free trade can take place.

Packaging, Insurance, Storage Everything under one roof.

We give very high importance to the packaging of the products. We are of strong belief that even a good quality product when packaged poorly can leave a very bad impression on the end consumer. Each of our containers our insured so as to avoid any kind of disputes after delivery. We have around 100,000 sq. metres of warehouse space which helps in keeping a large quantity of finished stock for fast delivery of our products.